Which crosswalks in the region have the most pedestrian crashes?

Most high-risk crosswalks

There are a a few intersections in the Thompson-Okanagan with a higher tendency to have pedestrian-involved crashes. Certain roads and highways play a factor in that, as some roadways have multiple crash hotspots.

Here are the crashes involving pedestrians in the Thompson-Okanagan from 2015-2019 for each major municipality in the region, according to ICBC data.


As you may have guessed, Kelowna has the highest rate of pedestrian-related crashes in the area, and Harvey Avenue accounts for four of the top five high-risk crossings. The Cooper Road and Harvey Avenue intersection has the highest reported pedestrian crashes with nine in the past five years. Tied for second place is the Harvey Avenue-Gordon Drive and Spall Road-Springfield Drive intersections with seven reported crashes apiece. There are four crossings that have five pedestrian crashes, which are: Harvey Avenue-Pandosy Street, Harvey Avenue-Richter Street and Highway 33-Rutland Road N.

West Kelowna

Across the bridge in West Kelowna, the crashes are fewer and farther between. Highway 97 is the main culprit again, with the top two crash sites in West Kelowna. Highway 97 and Butt Road had four reported pedestrian collisions, followed by three at the Highway 97 and Daimler Road intersection. The Elliot Road and Main Street crossing had two crashes, along with a couple on Louie Drive as well.


The pedestrian crash data in Vernon is more spread out, with the 25th Avenue and 43rd Street junction reporting three crashes from 2015 to 2019. A number of intersections report a total of two pedestrian collisions, including multiple spots on 27th Street, 32nd Street and 30th Avenue.


Penticton has a few trouble spots in the city, with Main Street accounting for six of the top ten locations. The Kinney Avenue-South Main Street intersection and the Forrestbrook Drive-Government Street crossing tied for the top spot with three apiece. The Calgary Avenue, Dawson Avenue, Jermyn Avenue, Nanaimo Avenue and Warren Avenue interchanges along Main Street each have two pedestrian crashes.


Kamloops has four crossings with four pedestrian incidents each, which are: 4 Avenue-Seymour Street, 7 Street-Fortune Drive, 8 Avenue-Seymour Street and Notre Dame Drive-Summit Drive. There are a number of other intersections with three collisions each, with Seymour Street and Summit Drive making appearances in that list as well.

This data is based on ICBC reports, and they state the numbers are self-reported and not always verifiable. To check the list out for yourself, click here.

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