Horoscope: Aug. 2-8


The full moon in Aquarius brings humanitarian issues in to the spotlight more urgently.

A call for unity needs to be heard and acted on. Heads must be pulled out of the sand. There can be a change or rules or who is in charge. Work around this as best you can.

Travel may require different scheduling for now. Circumstances are beyond control, so have an alternate route that works just as well; the end result is still the same.

Keep expectations realistic in all areas; save where you can. Pay attention to intuition or dreams that could
affect plans.

Calm emotions before taking action on matters that are uncertain. Expect the unexpected.

ARIES: Step back a bit and let others show their hand before you make your final, controlled play.

TAURUS: Making decisions may seem sudden to others, but you have had gut feelings to go on.

GEMINI: Others try to apply pressure from different angles. Navigate around rules or attitudes.

CANCER: A showdown of sorts will clarify where everyone really stands. Positions are adjusted.

LEO: Make choices that will make you feel more settled with the way things seem to play out.

VIRGO: When seeking more freedom there could be different rules to follow or some restrictions.

LIBRA: Use your charm in speech or action. This will help your agenda and pave the pathway.

SCORPIO: You may have to step in where others are not holding up their end. Pull some rank.

SAGITTARIUS: Watch your words as you apply subtle pressure in areas that need correction.

CAPRICORN: Measure your actions so you are in forward motion. Take on some responsibility.

AQUARIUS: Your power or influence becomes more visible. Others try to communicate with you.

PISCES: Settle up with who owes whom to avoid competitions that escalate over pettiness etc.


Horoscope: July 26-Aug. 1


Financial bottom lines cause some to take a more realistic view of their future.

It could be time to move or at least make adjustments to your situation.

There are not as many options at the moment. Try on different jobs or positions to see if its a good fit. Negotiate any special terms etc. Nerves may be on edge over this.

Settle into a routine by Tuesday.

Try to get along with or stay out of the way of big egos. They need you more than you need them.

Extra running around allows you time to think or check alternatives. See how much wiggle room you have. Plan future travel or prepare to have company.

Coordinate timelines with each other.

ARIES: Meet with associates in private to see what they want before letting other get overly involved.

TAURUS: Special wording sends a subliminal message to those you are trying to reach Be cryptic.

GEMINI: A lot goes on behind the scenes. Put on a calm show of strength to buy some extra time.

CANCER: Trying to force things to go a certain way could get others to react in unexpected ways.

LEO: Soft peddle your approach with those who compete on some level. It helps you get along.

VIRGO: A change of rules or authority structure will require different choices going forward now.

LIBRA: If you can’t avoid what is happening at least negotiate to have moving expenses covered.

SCORPIO: Manage secrets carefully for now even if you are pressured for early disclosure etc.

SAGITTARIUS: Your intuition is a strong guide in dealings with finances, property or other assets.

CAPRICORN: Be the leader in a freelance way as others need your special expertise or help.

AQUARIUS: Pull strings behind the scenes as this will matter as to how certain matters play out.

PISCES: A connection to important or influential individuals will benefit you and them as well now.

Horoscope: July 19-25


Looking at things from a different angle creates an outlet from frustration. Put a new plan in place to ease forward.

Make sure needed equipment is in proper working order. Expectations can be realized.

The new moon in Cancer places more emphasis on personal or domestic matters. Make final residence decisions or moves.

Fix or replace communication devices or systems to see that all messaging gets through.

Turning point midweek will shift focus from one thing to another so go with the flow. Don’t let obstacles or delays become a bigger problem than they already are.

Pull finances together. Budget better.

Situations lighten up a bit.

ARIES: Back-room deals can be reached so that everyone’s reputation remain intact. Sign on to it.

TAURUS: Take care of matters privately especially if they need to be handled over any distance now.

GEMINI: Others are not sure where you stand and this works for you at the moment. Time actions.

CANCER: Certain deals or agreements need clarity or fact checking by those in authority or control.

LEO: You can show a different side of yourself to the world. Inner work is having positive results.

VIRGO: An inside tip benefits you if you act on it at the right time. Share what you can with others.

LIBRA: Stand tall in what you know is right even if you don’t get full credit. Others will realize this.

SCORPIO: Put the reins on your powerful emotions as they will not be reacted to in the right way.

SAGITTARIUS: Review details financially or with assets to evaluate any changes you will make.

CAPRICORN: Work as a team. A combination of expertise brings about a desired conclusion now.

AQUARIUS: Your power or influence behind the scenes grows to a point where it is accepted, etc.

PISCES: Be a support system or bridge to help bring success to joint projects or agreements.

Horoscope: July 12-18


Enjoy the lighter side of relationships. New or unusual connections are interesting no matter how long they last.

Plans should be open-ended as they are subject to change as mercury resumes forward motion.

Those of different cultures or beliefs are attracted to each other. Discuss where there is common ground before taking it any further.

Don’t be afraid of what others may say if either wants to move. Make sure arrangements or documents are in order.

Agreeable words relieve stress or tension to get others on board. Pay required fees or up-front deposits.

Make a break from the past. Travel to a neutral or scenic location. Navigate carefully.

ARIES: Your words come across as passionate or emotional and will motivate others to take action.

TAURUS: Strong convictions spur you on to make changes or advance a progressive agenda. It works.

GEMINI: You work with those of equal power even if titles are different. It becomes a united force now.

CANCER: Sort out who has the ability to pull strings for you; drop those who don’t. You need resolution.

LEO: Others seek you out for your talents or unique ideas. Your influence gets them moving forward.

VIRGO: You can advance your position by not stepping on any toes to get there. It’s a natural process.

LIBRA: Status or career choices will have an effect on location for yourself or those otherwise involved.

SCORPIO: You are seen as an authority near or far. Decide who goes where and for how long etc.

SAGITTARIUS: You are connected to a rich source of income or assets. Make special arrangements.

CAPRICORN: Unite with others in teamwork that is beneficial. This will shorten up the timeline on it.

AQUARIUS: Meet behind closed doors. It is important that things be handled in confidence. Patience.

PISCES: You receive credit for your ideas or leadership abilities. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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