Man smashes tow truck window in Vancouver as car towed

Tow truck hammer attack

A Vancouver motorist unhappy with having his car towed smashed out the window of the tow truck.

Const. Tania Visintin says police responded to the incident just after 11 a.m. Monday on Kingsway Avenue. 

"The suspect was having his car towed from the parking lot when he approached the tow truck and smashed the driver’s side window with a hammer," says Visintin. 

Once police arrived, the suspect was arrested and taken to jail. 

No one was injured in the altercation.

A video of the incident was shared on Reddit by seansethi81. In it, a man argues with the driver of a Drake Towing vehicle who appears to be towing his car.

At one point, the man smashes the tow truck driver's window with a hammer and begins to yell at him and tells him to "come here." The tow truck driver tells him to "move back" and to "stay away from me."

Another individual also repeatedly tells the man who is yelling at the tow truck driver to "calm down." 

Police have forwarded charges of assault with a weapon, uttering threats, mischief and possession of a dangerous weapon to Crown for review. 

Man Attacks Tow Truck Driver with Hammer in Vancouver Today from r/vancouver

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