Phoney parking tickets issued in Sechelt, warns district

Fake tickets doled out

The District of Sechelt says someone has been handing out fake parking tickets in the Sunshine Coast community.

“A District of Sechelt resident was observed impersonating a bylaw officer and issuing fake parking tickets,” a July 13 post on the district’s Facebook page said. “The fake ticket is a photocopy of a bylaw infraction warning, which would never be issued with a fine.”

The district said one of its staff members was on the receiving end of one of the fake tickets and reported it immediately. The person responsible has “been spoken to [and] has agreed to not impersonate a bylaw officer or obstruct bylaw officers.”

The district is advising people that if they get a bylaw violation notice or ticket and aren’t sure if it’s legit to contact the bylaw enforcement office at 604-740-8480.

This isn’t the first time fake parking tickets have shown up on windshields in Sechelt.

In late 2018 several people reported returning to their vehicles to find a ticket for $142 from “Sunshine Coast Parking Authority.”

RCMP at first thought it could be a scam because the ticket gave a website people could go to make payment, but it was later confirmed to be a prank.

The offences on those tickets included the usual parking violations and obviously fake ones like “Thinking only of yourself/laziness” and “Not keeping a safe level of blinker fluid.”

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