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Stone mulls Trump movie

Oliver Stone is considering making a movie about U.S. President Donald Trump.

The Platoon filmmaker previously took another much maligned American leader, George W. Bush, to task on screen in 2008's W. - and feels Trump would be an even more fascinating protagonist for a film.

"There's nothing that could quite capture this fellow," he tells British newspaper The Sunday Times. "He's quite a whirlwind, a fascinating dramatic character. Shakespearean too, in the sense that he's so emotional - at times he creates a storm, almost purposely every day, to keep the energy going. He creates a storm inside himself. He's King Lear in a strange way too - which daughter loves me more?"

Although Trump has faced heavy criticism for his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic - with the country one of the worst affected in the world - Stone is unbothered by the virus, saying the real crisis is another issue the President has expressed scepticism about - climate change.

"The virus seems to me the ongoing business of history. It's just... there's so many viruses," he adds. "I don't see it as an existential threat to the world. It's more of a mood thing. No, I think the real issue is global warming."

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