Petition seeks to rename Stanley Park fountain in honour of Dr. Bonnie Henry

Fountain for Dr. Bonnie?

A nearly century-old fountain in the middle of Stanley Park's Lost Lagoon could get a new lease on life – and a new name – if the creator of a new online petition is persuasive enough.

The Jubilee Fountain, also known as the Lost Lagoon Fountain, was built in 1936 for Vancouver's 50th anniversary. The fountain was then restored in 1986 for Expo 86, and again in 2010, but has not been functioning for the last few years. 

Now, an online petition is calling for the City of Vancouver to restore the fountain and rename it the Dr. Bonnie Henry Fountain in honour of our provincial health officer.

"Dr. Bonnie Henry has helped guide and protect our communities with one of the best COVID-19 response strategies in the world. We are deeply grateful for her care, wisdom, level-headed decisiveness – and her earnest counsel to 'Be kind, be calm and be safe,'" attests the petition.

"When this crisis is finally over, let’s thank her with a commemorative gesture that not only expresses our deep gratitude, but is also a permanent reminder to British Columbians that life is as fragile as it is beautiful."

Citing the Jubilee Fountain's role as "a symbol of human ingenuity and natural beauty working together," the petition says that "restoring and renaming it the Dr. Bonnie Henry Fountain would be a worthy and inspired way to help convey our thankfulness to ‘Dr. Bonnie’ for all her tireless and brilliant efforts to keep us safe."

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