Peacock removed from Victoria apartment doorway after attack

Amorous peacock removed

Animal control officers in Victoria have evicted a male peacock from an apartment entrance after the bird's daily courtship activities escalated to an attack on a resident over the weekend.

Ian Fraser, Victoria's senior animal control officer, says a resident was injured when the large bird clawed her hand as she tried to get into the building.

He says the peacock managed to elude animal control officers who made several attempts to capture the bird, which is spending the next two weeks in a humane bird facility to cool off during its mating season.

Apartment resident Susan Simmons says the peacock wandered over to the building from nearby Beacon Hill Park in the spring and wouldn't leave.

She says the peacock squawked at passing vehicles, performed mating dances for nearby female peacocks and fought with other males who came near the building.

Fraser says Beacon Hill Park is home to many of the city's peacocks and it's unusual for the birds to leave the green space.

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