Lake Country youth punched multiple times by enraged driver

Teen assaulted in road rage

A case of road rage that culminated in a vicious assault has terrified a Lake Country teen to the point he is afraid to drive his car.

The incident happened June 29 shortly after 6 p.m. at the intersection of Highway 97 and Glenmore Road in Winfield.

Kerri, who asked her last name not be used, said her son was driving his silver Honda Prelude north on Highway 97 near the airport area with his friend when a man in a slightly lifted black newer Dodge pickup truck with no license plate on the front "aggressively tried to get his attention."

The teen drove around Winfield for a few minutes with the truck following him. He then decided to stop and see what the problem was.

“The man, who my son describes as a very muscular build and is possibly wearing a "Tapout" shirt, gets out of his truck, says my son cut him off, and proceeds to start punching the side window of his Prelude to try and break it,” said Kerri's husband, Steve. “My son decides to roll the window down and the man grabs him and tries pulling him out of the car but he had his seatbelt on and isn't able to do anything other than bruise him from pulling on him. He then proceeded to punch my son in the face multiple times and when my son told him he was going to be charged with assaulting a minor, he ripped my sons brand new glasses off his face, broke them in half and then stomped them into the ground.”

The man continued to punch the teen's car before taking off. The teen was unable to get a license plate number.

Kerri said police were called and took fingerprints from the Prelude, but were not able to find a match.

Kerri said several people drove by while the assault was taking place and she is urging them to contact their local police department with any information they may have.

“There is an adult man on the loose who assaulted an 18 year old in a very aggressive way and this guy is going around doing his business like nothing ever happened,” said Kerri. “I am not OK with this.”

Kerri said her son loves his car and going for drives, but after the assault he is afraid to get behind the wheel.

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