Horoscope: July 12-18


Enjoy the lighter side of relationships. New or unusual connections are interesting no matter how long they last.

Plans should be open-ended as they are subject to change as mercury resumes forward motion.

Those of different cultures or beliefs are attracted to each other. Discuss where there is common ground before taking it any further.

Don’t be afraid of what others may say if either wants to move. Make sure arrangements or documents are in order.

Agreeable words relieve stress or tension to get others on board. Pay required fees or up-front deposits.

Make a break from the past. Travel to a neutral or scenic location. Navigate carefully.

ARIES: Your words come across as passionate or emotional and will motivate others to take action.

TAURUS: Strong convictions spur you on to make changes or advance a progressive agenda. It works.

GEMINI: You work with those of equal power even if titles are different. It becomes a united force now.

CANCER: Sort out who has the ability to pull strings for you; drop those who don’t. You need resolution.

LEO: Others seek you out for your talents or unique ideas. Your influence gets them moving forward.

VIRGO: You can advance your position by not stepping on any toes to get there. It’s a natural process.

LIBRA: Status or career choices will have an effect on location for yourself or those otherwise involved.

SCORPIO: You are seen as an authority near or far. Decide who goes where and for how long etc.

SAGITTARIUS: You are connected to a rich source of income or assets. Make special arrangements.

CAPRICORN: Unite with others in teamwork that is beneficial. This will shorten up the timeline on it.

AQUARIUS: Meet behind closed doors. It is important that things be handled in confidence. Patience.

PISCES: You receive credit for your ideas or leadership abilities. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Horoscope: July 5-11


The influence of the full moon is waning. This allows pressure to be released in some areas for now; take advantage of it.

Some are given a second chance — personal or business; decide if it is worth it. Discuss what each expects of the other and make up your mind; attitudes affect choices.

Grand plans are still possible, so stay focused. A change of location may be required. Pick mode of transportation. Settle into new or renovated surroundings.

Extra running around will take care of loose ends.

Those with inflated egos will get a reality check and have to make necessary adjustments. They will see how it was actually for the best.

ARIES: Soften your words or demands, so others will listen and consider what you want from them.

TAURUS: You pull the strings with finances or assets that affect related people or situations.

GEMINI: Others find you more attractive and may come on stronger than you feel comfortable with.

CANCER: You pursue your ambitious agenda, but may have to alter how you do it and with whom.

LEO: Special arrangements will give you a sense of security that is not obvious to others now.

VIRGO: Take time to do additional research when it comes to relationships. You need some clarity.

LIBRA: Your ability to promote will turn the tide in a more positive direction. Others will follow up.

SCORPIO: Location choices become more important to your agenda. Take control of planning.

SAGITTARIUS: You have luck with home or property matters. Play your cards close to the vest.

CAPRICORN: Others seek out your knowledge or expertise. Take a hands-on approach to gain.

AQUARIUS: Discuss details behind the scenes that will benefit you when it all comes together.

PISCES: Relationships can be unusual or inspirational. See what you have in common. Meet.

Horoscope: June 28 - July 4

OVERVIEW: Thoughts and feelings bounce back and forth looking for a place to settle. Wishful thinking does not cut it any more. A move may be the best action to take for yourself or others involved. Navigate turbulence step by step. Look at the bigger picture for direction as situations level out. You will know that right choices are being made even though it feels like a rough ride. New beginnings will blossom if given a chance. Upgrade equipment or renovate under retrograde mercury; it's timely. Hope is in the air near or far. Ride along as far as it's worthwhile then take a break. Full moon eclipse is late Saturday night into Sunday. Get a grip on things.

ARIES: Look at what you value to see if it has changed. There is another way to calculate all this.

TAURUS: Shake things up in a good way. Others will understand and follow the new agenda, etc.

GEMINI: Pull strings or step behind the scenes especially where the past is affecting the present.

CANCER: Connect with those you were involved with before. Pick up where you left off and plan.

LEO: Adapt to new or different conditions to get your power or position back. It all works out fine.

VIRGO: You feel lucky and you are now. Step out of your comfort zone to make gains for future.

LIBRA: Choices regarding locations work out for you. This will affect home, office or both for now.

SCORPIO: You have the right words that others want to hear so plans will progress the best way.

SAGITTARIUS: Income or financial power increases with ease. Decisions change around that.

CAPRICORN: You are the dominant person in any situation now. Step forward to take command. 

AQUARIUS: Your input has increased your influence somewhat as others want you to choose.

PISCES: Mix business with pleasure even if you have to get unusual associates involved as well.


Horoscope: June 21-27

OVERVIEW: There is a tighter grip on things or they are clamped down on. The energy of the eclipse in the sign of Cancer causes some to hang on past when they should be letting go. Circumstances influence how this will evolve. Cut losses and move on where possible. Decisions on Monday set a course of action to follow. It's OK to leave things behind. Consider alternate modes of transport. Personal or career goals need assessment. Try to align this properly so you are not held back any more. Come out of your shell. Do something to improve appearance or make yourself feel better in general. You don’t need to wait behind others or step aside.

ARIES: You have hidden power behind the scenes now so there is no need to make a show or force.

TAURUS: Align with those well connected or who handle things in a confidential manner. Brainstorm.

GEMINI: You have influence that others are not aware of. You need to maintain this for awhile longer. 

CANCER: The eclipse in your sign encourages you to handle situations differently. Get others on board.

LEO: Arrangements can be made for you to feel more secure or that you are on the right path now. 

VIRGO: Discuss matters on a deeper level to make sure you are on the same page. Meet with them.

LIBRA: You can get away from it all or work remotely. Enjoy special locations or retreats. Speculate. 

SCORPIO: You are lucky or have the Midas touch. Others admire your ability to put things in order.

SAGITTARIUS: There is added security in what you have and it can be converted into other forms.

CAPRICORN: Unite with others and it becomes a force to be reckoned with. Have each other's back. 

AQUARIUS: Increase earning power by changing jobs or the way you handle your regular one now. 

PISCES: Weave a spell that makes others relax or feel included in everything while it goes ahead.

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