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Shatner back as Capt. Kirk?

William Shatner would "love to" reprise his iconic role as Captain Kirk in the series Star Trek: Picard.

While promoting the U.K. launch of the second season of his non-fiction series The UnXplained, the 89 year old was asked if he'd be keen to revisit the character as part of the series, which stars Sir Patrick Stewart.

The icon explained he is interested, but he insists it would depend on the project's artistic direction.

"If they wrote it and it made reasonable sense, then I'd love to (revive Captain Kirk), I wouldn't do a (whole) series," he tells Metro. "If the role was written properly and it wasn't a cameo or gratuitous; being there just to show my face, I wouldn't do that."

Rumours surrounding the star's possible return to the franchise have swirled since his final appearance in Star Trek: Generations in 1994. And though he did not appear in the J.J. Abrams-produced Star Trek films, there was talk Shatner could be involved in Quentin Tarantino's proposed Star Trek reboot while it was in development by bosses at Paramount.

"Quentin, I love you," he told Reuters at the time. "If you're going to do Star Trek fifty years later, a few pounds heavier, come on, not a problem", adding he'd "be up for" making an appearance.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood filmmaker has since left the project, leading Noah Hawley to take it over.

Shatner last performed as Kirk during the opening of the 85th Academy Awards in 2013.

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