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Retirement fund for rappers

Ice-T is backing plans to create a retirement fund for the pioneers of rap.

Alicia Keys' producer husband Swizz Beatz introduced the idea earlier this month, and the 62 year old insists he would be happy to donate to an incentive created to aid the finances of retired rappers.

"I've always looked out for people like (Grandmaster) Caz and (Melle) Mel," the Cop Killer hitmaker tells HipHopDX. "Those have been my friends... There's no retirement for rappers. There is nothing. A lot of them have fallen on hard times."

"The first generation of rap is unrecorded rap," he adds. "It's before records. So all the hip hop that happened in the streets, it was only on cassette tapes. That's the first generation.

"By the time people heard Melle Mel, (Grandmaster Flash and) the Furious Five, Sugarhill Gang, hip hop was already a culture. So, how far do you go back? I mean, Run-DMC was like the first rap group to get paid... I think there should be some kind of an insurance plan, something people can donate to.

"See, certain people from that era are OK. Like, I'm OK, Chuck D's OK. Russell (Simmons) is OK. JAY-Z's OK. Puff's (Diddy) OK. LL's (LL Cool J) OK. There's a lot of people that are OK, but a lot of people aren't. It's worth investigating. I would be part of it. I definitely would donate."

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