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Halsey studying for bar

Halsey is following Kim Kardashian's example and studying to become a lawyer.

The Without Me singer is taking constitutional law lessons as she studies for the bar exam, confessing it's "fun but hard."

She immediately faced backlash from trolls, who poked fun at her plans to become a legal eagle, and fired back in a now-deleted tweet, which read: "Why the f**k is it a crime to educate myself beyond just wanting to pass the bar Qs? I am following a law school curriculum even though CA state doesn't require a degree to take the exam.

"Am I surprised someone on REDDIT tore into the 'popstar' for doing anything at all? Haha no... Reddit said 'haha gurl with big tiddies who sing fun song cant take smart people test!!!! dumb whore let's k*ll her'. ok I gotta delete all this now hahaha. but I love y'all and ur funny and it's ain't worth it (sic)."

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