Lost doll found on remote island, returned to mainland

Beloved doll washes ashore

A West Vancouver family has found an unlikely happy ending after their child lost a doll in a creek then, five months later, it showed up washed ashore on a tiny Gulf Island. 

CTV News reports that Emily Meyers' young daughter Violet was playing with her favourite doll "Florence" on a bridge over a creek when she lost track of it. 

"She was obviously upset. And I was kind of dumbfounded,” Myers said. “I don’t understand how it could just disappear like that. And that was that. I just said you know, we’re probably never going to see her again.”

The doll was wearing a jacket that Meyers had saved from her own childhood, with her cell number and Violet's name. But five months went by with no word. 

Then suddenly this week, a text message came through with a picture of the doll, and a note saying it had been found on Wise Island. 

"I was thinking, what is Wise Island? Is that a toy store in West Van or something?” Myers said. “Then I realized she had travelled somewhere really far and we started freaking out.”

Nancy Woodham, a resident of the small island off Galiano Island, had found the doll while out walking along the beach. Once she discovered the phone number in the jacket, she sent the message and asked her husband Bob to bring the doll with him on his next trip to the Lower Mainland. 

"To see the smile on the child's face when she saw the doll, that made it worth it,” Bob Woodham said after handing the doll back to Violet.

Violet's father Andrew McNichol is a longtime mariner along the B.C. coast and has created a map of currents and possible routes that Florence took to cross the Strait of Georgia for Violet to examine. 

"She’s going to want to look over the map and think about all the possibilities and imagine what she was doing out there in the Strait of Georgia for those long winter months,” he said.

-With files from CTV Vancouver

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