Letter: Trudeau is irrelevant to this

Trudeau is irrelevant to this


Re: A repudiation of nothing

You may have hit the nail on the head when you suggest I might be a Trudeau supporter. You suggest in your letter by default Trudeau is responsible for the actions of Canada Post but you do not attach the same analogy by saying Mr Saver did not blame Trudeau for the action of Canada Post.  If you or anyone else has had so many problems with Canada Post, I would suggest you stop using them and use a more reliable carrier.

Now for your edification lets look at the Firearms Act in synopsis, Canadian Law has both licensing, acquisition and the possession of firearms. This legislation falls under the RCMP. I stated Mr. Saver might stop blaming Canada Post and take responsibility for his actions.  

I don't care of you don't like Trudeau.  his is what your repudiation letter is all about and not the safety of a firearm. If you had counted the number of e-mails and letters I've sent to Trudeau you might retract your statement and suggestion that I like him.  

Right now I like him as he is doing a great job for Canadians. However in the past — well let the records show if government would release all of my e mails directed towards him by me you might have a different opinion about who I vote for.

I would like to apologize to Mr. Saver though—he certainly had good intentions and these intentions were interrupted by circumstances.  Now someone has another weapon which may or may not be used in a criminal act. To this i am certainly not happy with. Believe me as a veteran, I can attest to the destruction of a bolt action, semi automatic and automatic weapons as I fired and used many in my 34 year military career.

Dale Dirks

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