Letter: Whippersnapper whatevers

Whippersnapper whatevers

Re: Vehicle ban on Bernard

I don’t even have to read this news article, because any us old people with half a brain know that the younger generation, the physically fit people, with college and university degrees, wealthy, politically connected younger generations that are not manual labourers and wear tight aerodynamic speedo cyclists pants, and whippersnapper streamline whatevers, have wanted and made downtown Kelowna and outer limits into your personal bicycle paths, for years behind the scenes. 

Us old people, get it, you want our cars off the roads, so you can have them all to yourselves.

A tiny catch, none of your bicycles are licensed, so no financial contribution to the asphalt you are on.

No license on your bicycles means that if you blow a stop sign, we can’t report you. If you ride through a pedestrian crosswalk, while the light is still blinking, no one can report you and you will never ever receive any fine. You can hold up a line of nine cars because you choose to by never doing courteous pull overs to let traffic go by. 

Oh and yes, we old folk get you need to be competitively fit, for your girlfriends, boy friends, GQ photo shoots or just photo shoots for your gym of choice, or some tourist mag. Guess what, us old folk know. 

So can your bicycles at the very least support the old bricks and mortar businesses? Asphalt, bridges, signage? How many delivery trucks will have to support your online business, can you all buy those companies electric vehicles, with no emissions to transport all you want and need to buy for your household, friends, family?  I sure hope so because you are forcing us old labourers off the road.

Truly it is way past time to license bicycles to pay their way into the future.

Catherine Knox

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