South Okanagan family doctors urge patients not to put off visits out of fear of the pandemic

Family doctors: Don't wait

In the midst of a pandemic, South Okanagan family doctors want to be sure their patients aren't putting off visiting their physicians out of fear of COVID-19. 

So the South Okanagan Similkameen Division of Family Practice has gotten involved with a new virtual care directory of doctors offering video and by-phone appointments, as well as any updated clinic hours, for patients to refer to. 

"We want to make it as easy as possible for patients to continue to book appointments, and get support and treatment for medical concerns – whether this has to do with COVID-like symptoms or not,” said Dr. Tim Phillips, SOS Division of Family Practice physician lead. “This pandemic is not going away tomorrow, so please don’t put off visiting your family doctor for regular care.” 

Called "Pathways BC," the virtual care directory allows patients to visit the website, type in their provider's name and be shown up-to-date information about hours, special instructions about visits and options for video or phone appointments. 

"It’s very important to continue seeing your family doctor for ongoing care especially if you have long-term or chronic conditions,” said Dr. Kathleen Ross, president of Doctors of BC. “Family doctors know their patients best and understand their patients’ medical histories and needs.” 

Walk-in clinics, such as Penticton’s Apple Plaza and Peach City Medical, are also open and readily available to provide care for patients who are without a family doctor or nurse practitioner, or who need same day care. 

Patients are also reminded that they can register on a primary care provider waitlist on the SOS Division of Family Practice Patient Attachment List here

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