Dressing up for garbage day goes viral Down Under

Trashy... in a good way

Isolation can bring out the stir crazy in some folks.

And, if Australia is any indication, it can also bring out the creativity.

Aussies who've grown bored with sitting around indoors have started a viral trend of dressing up to take the garbage out.

The phenomenon has sparked the Bin Isolation Outing Facebook group, along with a multitude of other social media posts.

According to the Daily Mail, the entertaining trend began when Danielle Askew of Queensland dared a friend to "put the bins out" while dressed up.

What started with people in their Sunday best, wedding dresses and ball gowns has since grown to rival Halloween with its variety of costumes. And the Facebook group now has over half a million members.


"So basically, the bin goes out more than us, so let's dress up for the occasion!" the page says.

The trend is now spreading to other countries as well.

So, if you're bored, see you on the street next garbage day. Let's see what you've got.

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