Trudeau goes viral with "speaking moistly" comment

Moistly speaking...

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went viral on social media this week with his "speaking moistly" comment during his Tuesday pandemic update.

Trudeau was talking about the use of face masks and that they may be useful in protecting others more than the wearer.

"It prevents you from breathing or ... speaking moistly on (others)," he said, before immediately rolling his eyes and shaking his head. "What a terrible image," he said, seeming to have regretted his choice of words.

It didn't take long for the internet to respond, with memes and videos, even one mixed into a song.

The clip trended on Facebook and Twitter, and even made it as far as Hollywood gossip site TMZ.

"Here's Justin Trudeau putting a super-gross image in the minds of Canadians," the site reported. "See, America? It's not just our leaders who put their feet in their mouths during virus briefings. As they say, misery loves company."

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