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Bonus Tiger King episode reportedly coming next week

New Tiger King episode

It seems like there are only two things people are talking about right now: COVID-19 and Tiger King.

Netflix's uber-popular docuseries has been entertaining the masses for the past week, sparking an endless amount of memes and conversation. People can't get enough of the gun-toting, polygamous, meth-addicted exotic animal lovers who are the subject of the series – and it looks like the people may be getting more.

According to Jeff Lowe, one of the stars of the documentary, there will be a new Tiger King episode coming to Netflix as early as next week. In a Cameo video to LA Dodger third baseman Justin Turner, Lowe claims he and his wife were filming a bonus Tiger King episode this weekend.

Lowe was proven to be a shady character throughout the series, so it may be wise to take his word with a grain of salt. Netflix has neither confirmed nor denied about a potential additional episode, but here's to hoping there will be one more entry into the insane series.

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