Vernon man needs federal approval to fly kite to 20,000 feet

Record kite flight grounded

The dream of a Vernon man to set a world record for kite flying has been grounded.

Adele Karame wanted to put Canada in the Guinness Book of World Records by flying a home-made kite to a new record of 20,000 feet.

“I want the record for Canada. I've lived here for 45 years, I am a Canadian and I am proud of it,” said Karame, who is originally from Lebanon.

Karame was hoping to set the record by flying his kite from the Kal Lake lookout this year, but he hit a snag.

Karame said he contacted airports in Vancouver, Vernon and Kelowna with his plans, and all said he must get approval from Transport Canada – and that is where his idea came to a crashing halt.

He reached out to the federal agency several months ago, but has yet to hear back.

He has also been sidelined by health challenges. Karame struggles with diabetes and arthritis, both of which have made it impossible for him to fly kites at this time.

But he is not giving up on his dream.

His son, Adam, returned to Vernon to help his father, and Karame said he is going for daily walks to increase his strength and still hopes to see his dream take flight.

According to Guinness, the highest kite ever flown soared to 4,879.54 metres (16,009 feet) or almost five kilometres. The flight took place in 2014 on a 50,000-acre sheep farm in Australia, by Robert Moore.

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