Elon Musk satellites catching people's attention

Don't worry, it's not aliens

A string of lights spotted in the night sky is creating a stir on social media.

People reported seeing a line of lights in the heavens above the North Okanagan early Tuesday morning.

“Anyone notice lights in sky moving one after the other early this morning? So far, we have counted over 15, and they keep coming. Seems like way too many planes or am I just in need of new glasses?” said one person on the Armstrong Community Forum.

“When I was outside with my pup last evening, I saw this. It was weird,” added another.

A number of theories emerged, with one predictably being aliens from Planet X.

But, the majority of the theories have a more earthly origin.

“Kinda spooky. I know, we saw them a couple weeks ago around 11 p.m. We Googled, and it turns out it's Elon Musk satellites. He plans to launch over 12,000 of them to increase worldwide cell coverage,” one person posted on the forum.

And a Google search indeed points to Musk and his now interstellar expansion.

There are similar reports from Europe and South Africa.

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