More behind viral video that shows spraying of homeless man with hose

Context behind hosing

UPDATE Monday 10 a.m.

Castanet News has been contacted by a resident of the building involved in a viral video over the weekend that showed a building manager spraying a homeless man with a hose.

The resident says before the camera started rolling, the homeless man spat at, exposed his genitals and peed at the building manager’s wife. The homeless man also allegedly called the building manager’s wife, an African Canadian, the n-word.

"Besides this, this homeless man is notorious in our building for verbally harassing our building manager, as well as other residents and defecating on/around the building,” said Fatna Sesay.

“During the time of COVID-19, this is especially disconcerting as our health is at risk.”

Sesay said the building manager had nicely asked the homeless man to leave multiple times in the past.

“The police do not attend to calls like this, so what options are available in this case?” Sesay said.

The building's ownership made similar statements to Lower Mainland media.

The Vancouver Police Department told Vancouver is Awesome that they are investigating the incident.

"The video posted is just one piece of information. As with any investigation, police need to speak to both sides without rushing to judgement."

Colin Dacre, Castanet News

ORIGINAL Saturday 10:30 p.m.

A video shared on social media shows a man spraying a man who appears to be sleeping on the steps of a Vancouver building. 

Shared to Twitter by Mike Chatwin on March 28, the video shows a man picking up the hose and walking toward the man who was resting. After he sprays it on him, the man on the steps jumps up and begins to yell.

The man on the steps sounds like he's pleading "let me out" as the other man continues to spray. The man on the steps had blankets and a bicycle with him. 

After a short while, the man filming interjects and tells the man spraying the hose to stop what he's doing, and also informs him that he will be calling the police. He adds that he's "calling the cops" and that it is a matter of "human rights."

Chatwin told Vancouver Is Awesome in a phone call that the incident took place at 9:45 a.m. on March 28. He said that he knows the man who was spraying the hose was the building manager because he's seen him dealing with other people around the building before. 

While Chatwin was giving the man who had been sprayed some dry clothing, a person threw a golf ball at him from above.

"I don't consider what I did [giving the clothing] an especially nice thing to do. I think if you were there and didn't do that, that would just be wrong," Chatwin remarked. 

"My blood was boiling."

Chatwin said he spoke to two Vancouver Police officers on the street shortly after the incident occurred. 

Warning: Video below contains coarse language. 

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