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Quarantined on tour bus

Brett Young can't wait to step off his lockdown on wheels after quarantining himself on his tour bus for the past two weeks.

The country singer has not tested positive for the coronavirus but he chose to stay on his "apartment on wheels" after returning from a European tour to protect his wife, Taylor, and their five-month-old baby.

Young admits he's beginning to go stir crazy as he spends more time away from his family.

"I don't have symptoms at all," he tells Entertainment Tonight, "but, I have all these people who I care about at home who I want to keep safe and we've got this tour bus sitting empty.

"As much as it sucks not to be with my family and see my daughter, it seemed like a small sacrifice compared to what the alternative could mean."

Not being able to hold his daughter, Presley, has been the toughest thing for the singer: "She's gained almost two pounds in the last month and I've been gone for three weeks of it," he explains. "The hardest thing is just how much she's changing and growing right now.

"The connection is so bad (on the bus) that FaceTime isn't really a thing. Taylor has done a good job at sending pictures and videos every day, so I'm at least seeing her (daughter), but it's not really the same."

Young's quarantine will be over on Friday, and the Here Tonight singer can't wait: "First thing I'll do, is put all these clothes in the laundry, take a shower, wash my hands and then I'll pick up the baby."

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