COVID and construction

In reference to the poll on Castanet regarding large construction sites staying open or shutting down. It is an excellent question that is presented and it should have some more options available for readers to answer with.

If a prime contractor, general contractor or subcontractor etc, has never had a meaningful health and safety plan in place then they are going to have an extremely difficult time trying to fulfil any sort of on site hygiene protocol. Let alone implement a COVID-19 fit-for-duty questionnaire, a meaningful site safety orientation, daily pre-start hazard sheet, regular site inspections, fall protection compliance, plus being able to document and record all of the above to be fully compliant.

This process is not that expensive and it does not hinder production by even a minute, and the workers are much happier and quite confident in their work.

So my answer to the poll is; if any construction company is unable to fulfil its WorkSafeBC compliance & obligations, provide basic on site sanitation for worker’s hygiene and all the requirements of trying to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus - then yes that company should be shut down.

Mark Coleman CSO, West Kelowna


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