Second phase expansion plan Fortis Tilbury LNG plant

LNG expansion proposed

Another major expansion is proposed for the FortisBC plant at Tilbury in Delta.

A project description recently made public notes the second proposed phase of LNG expansion at Tilbury would increase production to improve security of supply to FortisBC’s approximately 1.1 million natural gas customers, as well as supply incremental LNG to the marine transportation and export markets.

The project comprises an expansion of up to 162,000 cubic metres of LNG storage and up to 11,000 tonnes per day of LNG production.

The project would receive natural gas through established pipeline systems.

The project, which would include a new storage tank, would also provide product to the proposed adjacent WesPac Midstream Ltd jetty project for marine LNG bunkering and export.

The Tilbury expansion project is now in the early engagement phase.

The existing FortisBC facility at Tilbury includes the original production and storage facility in operation since 1971 as well as a production and storage expansion in operation since 2018.

Detailed engineering for the latest expansion project is expected to begin in 2021, according to FortisBC.

“Alternative locations for LNG storage and/or liquefaction have been considered; however, no alternative site has been identified that provides an existing brownfield industrially zoned and LNG operating site, existing infrastructure including gas supply, access to tidewater and availability of expansion space,” FortisBC states.

“Other potential alternatives could include reduced Project size or not proceeding with certain components of the Project. Not proceeding with the storage tank component of the Project would put the natural gas supply system in BC and Greater Vancouver region at increased risk of disruption which would have significant economic and public utility customer impacts.  Not proceeding with the liquefaction component of the project would result in foregoing economic opportunities and global emission reduction opportunities.”

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