Power grab is repulsive

Shame on the Liberal government for using the emergency session of Parliament to slip in new powers to bypass Parliament for taxation and spending for 20 months.

The arrogance and hypocrisy is shameful. Trudeau claims to be working collaboratively with the opposition parties, says he is seeking legislation to get money quickly to businesses and individuals but then tries to sandbag the House of Commons once again.

The trouble is, we are weeks behind those countries who have most successfully contained this virus because there is no plan, this government is working ad hoc day-by-day changing strategies, trying partisan politics at its very worst to wrest control of parliament from the people – disgusting.

Trudeau daily says “we have a plan …nothing is off the table… we are engaging with world leaders… we are following the best science advice” As we saw yesterday it was under the tablecloth attempting to catch the opposition off guard, not what was put on the table that was the real agenda.

What a legacy, what a disgrace Mr. Trudeau and the Liberal government are creating.

Doug Waines

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