Trudeau should meet chiefs

At last, our Prime Minister has decided to end his worthless travels to gain the U.N. Security Council seat, and has come home to hopefully take charge of the nonsense that is taking place across our great land.

The issues of the LNG pipeline through the Wet'suwet'en territories is being headed by their “hereditary” chiefs. These chiefs have been aware of this “problem” for several years;  it seems they outlined an alternative route way back in 2014/2015.    So to some extent, some five or six years have passed by when there could have been an awful lot of discussion taking place thus avoiding the confrontations which this has come to.

In any event, the “hereditary” chiefs obviously consider themselves a cut above the elected chiefs ‚ they seem to see themselves as the “top dogs” in this issue. So it would only be right for our “chiefs” to be involved, and to my mind that would be our “hereditary” chief” (H.M. Queen or her representative), in this case the Governor General, and our elected chief, in this case the Prime Minister of Canada.

A Meeting needs to be arranged and undertaken between the Hereditary Chiefs of the Wet'suwet'en Territories, the elected chiefs of the bands in these territories,  the Canadian hereditary chief and our elected chief.

This Meeting should not be about the historical grievances that the Indigenous peoples have with the Crown and/or Canada,  but it needs to deal with today's economic issues of pipelines, getting Canadian resources to markets, especially clean natural gas to replace coal burning in Asia.  The meeting must address the unlawful activities being seen across Canada under the guise of “standing with” the Wet'suwet'en people, even though it would seem the Wet'suwet'en people don’t have a major problem with the pipeline, just with the current route. 

Let’s hope that Justin Trudeau will actually do his job and not pander to  those pretending to be environmentalists and trying to bring the past to a pretty straightforward 21st century economic issue.

Malcolm Roberts, Kelowna

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