Horoscope: Feb. 16-22

OVERVIEW: The week starts off under mercury turning retrograde, so be ready for things to stall or back up. It's best not to sign anything that is not already decided. This happens close to Neptune so there is a lot of talk fudging the facts or masking the truth. Go back over messages or documents, etc., to see what is really being said. Those who avoid coming forward may have to be pressured to do so. Keep personal relationships private to avoid influencing the outcome of events. Don’t post things that could be misinterpreted or used to expose. Plan to get away to a neutral or out of the way place to brainstorm on the best way to handle things now. 

ARIES: Focus on what you really stand for and make changes in that direction. Release the past.

TAURUS: You can pull a rabbit out of the hat while others are looking around to find a solution.

GEMINI: Become the director in a situation where those involved don’t know they are just players. 

CANCER: When trying to act independently you may have to call in some back-up to get moving. 

LEO: Showing what you can do attracts praise or offers of support from those who are watching.

VIRGO: Current agreements should be taken to the next stage to protect others and avoid issues. 

LIBRA: You can be the star on the job or when making arrangements for others. Take it easy now. 

SCORPIO: Break from confining relationships in a way that is win win for all involved. Reconsider. 

SAGITTARIUS: Private meetings have promising results during talks to get on the same page.

CAPRICORN: Try a new approach and you will have more influence. Others get out of the way.

AQUARIUS: Look at where your strength is with finances or assets. It will all add up pretty good.

PISCES: You can feel like an actor in a movie as you watch how your words get some reactions. 

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