Needed more than city hall

The revival of the West Kelowna city hall proposal skips past many other priorities in West Kelowna.  

I'd like to point out a few:

-There are many neighbourhoods in West Kelowna where streetlights are very few and far between or entirely absent.  Ditto for sidewalks.

-There are many streets that are left over from when West Kelowna was “on the way to Kelowna” and are little more than ugly thoroughfares lacking any sort of beautification.

-Many parks that have not seen substantial improvements for decades, some of which are little more than alleyways to the lake with minimal infrastructure.

All of the above are some of the potential capital projects that I would place above in priority over a new city hall.  I am certain there are a multitude of others. Of course a fancy, state of the art city hall would be nice, but not before a fancy and state of the art West Kelowna.

Clarence Lee

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