City hall not needed

Well here we go again with a new city manager doing the bidding of the chair of the 2016 Citizens for the New Civic Centre; guess what, the chair is now Mayor! 

A mayor who was elected on a campaign stressing; no need for a City Hall, greater prudence in spending, and a change from the old. Well the old mayor and the new mayor are both voting for a city hall just as they advocated in 2016, an advocacy that was defeated twice against all odds.

Our new city manager stresses there will be no new cost to the taxpayers. The cost we pay is what services are not going forward, like the sidewalks, street lighting, parks, recreation centres, police protection, fire protection, long term homeless solutions. We already are paying double the old rates for unsafe water, we have crumbling roads, bloated staffing in all administration departments, disjointed worksites for the operations departments increasing the costs to deliver vital services.

Our planners put sidewalks around power poles, we built a $4.1M dollar soccer dome over a major water line, forgot the toilets, forgot the parking — all originally budgeted for $1M.

To city manager Paul Gipps, get the costs under control, get the planners to actually plan, and design right the first time. Do not tell taxpayers’ there is no tax increase, the waste in this city is a tax burden as taxes go up more than triple annual inflation.

All financial reserves are set aside for future emergencies or for specific projects; not for a Taj Mahal! City hall is not an urgent or important item in the city infrastructure needs list.

Doug Waines, West Kelowna

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