Protests should not obstruct

People have the right to protest but it should not involve vandalism or be obstructive. When private or public property is damaged in any way it shows little respect by the demonstrators. The Coastal Gaslink/Trans Mountain pipeline demonstrators have damaged a bridge, set fire to the legislative building steps and disrupted vital services to communities.

What has been the purpose? To have their moment of fame or show they are radicals? Any other member of society would have been charged, so why are these protesters let off so easily?

An agreement has been reached between band councils and the pipeline companies. So why are these groups of protestors allowed to carry on? I think that if there had been any outstanding concerns, whether it be environmental, territorial, or any other issue the projects would not be happening. 

Why are those that support the projects silent? Fear of repercussions? If that is the case, then the protestors win by intimidation. Is that what this country is coming to? It's rather tiring and sad.

Mary-Anne MacDonald, Summerland

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