Horoscope Feb. 9-15

OVERVIEW: The week starts with waning energy from the moon's full position during the night. Egos should be cooling allowing for some dialogue. There is no need to be a wrecking ball, as no one wins when everyone’s house is flattened. It's better to convince others to give you the keys. Adjust to changes along a natural timeline. Take what is yours and leave the rest. Pick new contact numbers or security codes, etc. Be bold in standing up for what you know is right even if others don’t stand with you. It's time to show true colours. Settle into a new routine or set of responsibilities. Be the leader or handler to bring situations on track or from the brink.

ARIES: It’s OK to spend a little on your appearance or new wardrobe. Others expect you to dress up.

TAURUS: You hold the reins even if others are not aware of it right now. They like your usual results. 

GEMINI: Surprises work to your advantage if you are paying attention. Keep your eye on the ball, etc. 

CANCER: Status changes even if it's temporary. Go with the flow until you can feel a comfort level.

LEO: Be adaptable to changes with duties or filling in for someone else. You can multitask easily.

VIRGO: Keep a lid on things until you get results or know the plan going forward. It all works out.

LIBRA: Avoid letting financial differences interfere with relationships personally or in your business. 

SCORPIO: You get the royal treatment so enjoy it while it lasts. Plans blossom between you now. 

SAGITTARIUS: Look at the value of what you have or are able to generate. It will unfold properly. 

CAPRICORN: Make decisions or assist those who rely on your experience. Things move along.

AQUARIUS: Hob nob with power people behind the scenes. Your participation makes them happy. 

PISCES: Keep deals private temporarily. You can do the grand entrance or dramatic finale now.

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