Human Rights Tribunal sent Kelowna teen stranger's documents

Sent stranger's personal info

A Kelowna father is concerned after it appears the BC Human Rights Tribunal sent a package of his son's detailed personal information to the wrong person.

Sean, an 18-year-old Rutland resident, filed a complaint against his employer with the BC Human Rights Tribunal last year, and on Thursday, he received a package in the mail from the Tribunal. The package contained two letters addressed to him, along with a copy of the original complaint. The only problem was that it was somebody else's complaint.

“They attached a complete stranger's complaint, and I'm telling you it has address, date of birth, social insurance number, all kinds of stuff,” said Sean's father David. "They even attached a copy of her record of employment, it's a huge deal ... it's all confidential.”

David called the BC Human Rights Tribunal, and a woman simply told him to destroy the documents. When he asked her where Sean's documents were, she said “We don't know.”

“People sell this sh*t on the dark web and that's how people get identity theft,” David said. “As far as I'm concerned, the B.C. Government should be on the hook for this and at least offer my son some kind of identity theft protection.”

The BC Human Rights Tribunal told Castanet it is “unable to confirm or deny the existence of the complaint” or the occurrence of the privacy breach due to privacy issues. Castanet has viewed the document Sean was mistakenly mailed.

Tribunal registrar Steven Adamson said they “treat information privacy breaches very seriously.”

“In the extremely unlikely event where one occurs, upon learning of the breach the Tribunal will immediately investigate the extent of the breach and take every available action to contain the breach,” Adamson said. “The Tribunal will also notify all those affected by the breach and provide information about the extent of the breach and steps taken to ameliorate it.”

David says the stranger whose documents his son received isn't even from the Okanagan.

“If this went to somebody else who wasn't such an honest person, people would pay money for this stuff, believe me,” he said. “I want to know where my son's stuff is ... my son's 18. Identity theft could ruin him.

“I think the public deserves to know that this sh*t is going on with our B.C. Government ... that kind of sh*t is really sloppy and really dangerous, in today's day and age.”

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