Collision between man in wheelchair and car caught on camera

Wheelchair and car collide


UPDATE: 3:40 p.m. 

John Verwoerd was driving with his wife last Thursday when they witnessed a shocking collision between a car and a man in a wheelchair on Highway 33 in Kelowna. 

"There was quite a bit of snow piled up when we first saw that scooter driving on the other side of the road. My wife actually commented saying, 'oh my goodness, what's this guy doing? Driving on the wrong way of the highway, basically up against the snow pile."

Verwoerd's wife was worried the man was going to cross the road as the light changed. 

"Sure enough, the light turned green and there he came. So we didn't go – we just stayed there."

They tried to get the attention of other motorists to stop them from going. 

"My wife opened the window and stuck her arm out, but the first guy didn't see it. But the second guy, I don't know why he didn't see it," says Verwoerd. 

The man in the scooter looked like he was looking down as he crossed the highway against the light. 

"They just bumped a little bit. It was so minor that nobody cared, I guess. The car drove off and the scooter drove off, and we drove off. We thought, 'Wow, that could've ended worse.'"

ORIGINAL: 12:26 p.m.

Dramatic dashcam video shows a collision between a man in a wheelchair and a car on Highway 33 in Kelowna that could have ended much, much worse.

Castanet reader John Verwoerd sent in the video on Thursday of the Jan. 16 collision at the snow-covered intersection of Highway 33 and Dougall Road, in Rutland.

In the footage, you can see the man in the wheelchair approaching the intersection in the road rather than the sidewalk, moving against the flow of traffic. 

He begins to cross the highway just as the light turns green for oncoming traffic. 

After the lead car stopped at the red light moves on when the light turns green, a following vehicle has a slow-speed collision with the wheelchair, which was likely obscured by a car stopped in the centre lane.

The wheelchair runs into the side of the car, and the man in the wheelchair does not appear to be injured. 

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