A rare ice phenomenon has been spotted in Okanagan Lake

Rare ice discs found in lake

Chelsea Powrie

For two years running, sudden cold snaps in Penticton have translated to some very unusual ice formations in the water at the Lakeside Resort marina. 

Ice discs, or ice circles, were spotted in the water Tuesday as temperatures dipped and winds picked up.

They are thin slabs of roughly circular frozen water, and require very specific cold weather conditions to form. 

"These ice discs are apparently quite rare, but it has happened on our property for the second year in a row," said Francis Dellosa of the Lakeside Resort. 

"Last year, we posted a video which had over 160,000 views and was acknowledged by The Weather Network. It brought a few people to come check it out and grab a hot chocolate at the Bufflehead Cappuccino Bar!"

Check out the ice discs while you can, as they won't last if the weather warms. 

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