Handouts not the answer

Wasn’t it wonderful that people donated money, backpacks and products for over 200 backpacks handed out by Vernon’s Upper Room Mission on Dec. 23rd?

A person I know was driving by the Mission that day and saw a new, fully loaded black backpack land in the middle of the road in front of his vehicle.

Thrown from where?

It just goes to show, you can’t solve problems by giving things to people, like what’s being done.

People have to earn what they get to appreciate it.

I’m not saying that jobs should be set up for them. What I am saying is to let those in need decide what they can do to earn their way.

They are not dumb, and most are not incapable of working at something.

Everyone has to know that when you have work for whatever, that it returns pride and self worth, and the need to look after what you have worked for.

Handouts without earning destroy people's self worth and pride. 

Frank Adams

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