Fewer ducks, more fish?

After the five-metre rolling waterfall was removed on Mission Creek at the Mission Creek Park area, a kokanee spawning channel was built with the hope that we could sustain the fish population in Okanagan Lake. 

When the kokanee come up to spawn, they are guided into these shallow spawning beds and mate, laying the future fish. 

Along come the ducks, and eat most of the eggs laid. 

This is not good for the population, since Mission Creek is the main spawning area for our kokanee. 

Maybe we should have left the creek as it was and not made duck food from the spawning? 

Maybe a net should be placed over the spawning area, at least in the fall, to allow the kokanee to hatch and make their way to the lake instead of into the belly of the fat ducks. 

Maybe we could shoot the ducks and feed some people who may need food. Fewer ducks, more fish? 

Jorgen Hansen, Kelowna

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