Local Conservative MP said party will weather the storm

Tories will stand united

Despite a looming change of leadership, the local Conservative MP said the party will remain united.

Party leader Andrew Scheer announced his resignation yesterday and North Okanagan- Shuswap MP Mel Arnold said the party will stand strong. Scheer said he will stick around until a new leader is selected. 

Arnold he was surprised at Scheer's announcement and the party will not set the stage to find a new party leader.

“The majority of our caucus were surprised by his announcement,” said Arnold.

Arnold said members across the country will select the new leader.

“Lots of potential candidates have been put out there by the media, but no one has told us they are planning to run,” said Arnold.

And who would the second-term MP like to see run for the top job?

“I am not going to point out any favourites at this point in time. Let's see who all is in the race and go from there,” he said.

“I think we have some really qualified people both in and outside of the party who may be interested in this.”

Some have speculated the leadership vacancy could cause a rift among party members as they rally around their preferred candidate.

“We know we only win as Conservatives when we are united and there are some outside factors working to create division among us and this is a way of moving forward. If we elect a new leader with a significant mandate then hopefully everyone will continue to support the leader who ever it is,” said Arnold from Ottawa.

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