Lyft reveals rates for Vancouver; $5 before you even move

$5 just to get in the car

Passengers in Metro Vancouver will pay at least $5 every time they jump inside a vehicle operated by ride-hailing service Lyft.

In addition to a $2.50 base, passengers will also need to cover a $2.50 service fee on top of costs per kilometre and per minute, according to pricing released by Lyft:

The cost per kilometre will then be 65 cents and the cost per minute 33 cents.

A ride from Canada Place in downtown Vancouver to the Walmart outlet near the city’s border with Burnaby would cover 9.5 kilometres and take 22 minutes during mid-morning rush hour, according to Google Maps.

Based on that estimate, a ride with Lyft would cost passengers $18.44 to get from one side of Vancouver to the other but other fees would still apply.

“Lyft is sharing its rider pricing so Metro Vancouverites can get a better understanding of what they can expect when service begins. To note, applicable regulatory fees may be added to these rates,” Lyft said in a statement.

Vancouver city council voted in October to also add additional 30-cent pick-up and drop-off fees between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. in the “metro core."

The province’s Passenger Transportation Board requires minimal pricing in B.C. to be based on taxi flag rates within an operating area.

In Metro Vancouver that runs between $3.25 and $3.95 when someone steps inside a vehicle in addition to prices charged for distance travelled.

Unlike many other jurisdictions, the PTB does not permit ride-hailing services to offer discounts to passengers. But the regulatory body will allow these services to raise prices during peak periods as demand swells.

Meanwhile, Metro Vancouver’s Mayors’ Council voted on Dec. 13 in favour of pursuing a regional business licence for ride-hailing services rather than the patchwork system of municipal licences that had previously been in the works.

All the mayors — save for Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum — supported the motion.

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