After announcing resignation, Scheer misses question period

Scheer skips question period

The day after Andrew Scheer abruptly announced he won't be leading the Conservative party for much longer, he is leaving his deputy to lead the charge against the government in question period.

Leona Alleslev, named by Scheer as deputy Conservative leader after the October election, attacked the Liberals for their fiscal record, warning that Canada isn't ready for a fading global economy.

Scheer's seat next to hers was empty.

A Conservative spokesman says Scheer is having private meetings today.

Scheer's sudden announcement Thursday that he will resign as soon as a permanent replacement is elected, comes after weeks of fighting off increasingly vocal criticism from within his own party after October's election loss.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also absent from the House of Commons today with plans to in Montreal to meet Quebec Premier Francois Legault this afternoon.

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