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80-year-old Kenneth Larden no longer living in the cold

Cold senior gets furnace

An 80-year-old who captured the hearts of the community last week after sharing his story of living for more than two years in the cold is no longer shivering.

West Kelowna resident Kenneth Larden watched as workers from Blair Mechanical, including company owner Blair Husak, installed a brand-new furnace in his home on Friday – at no cost.

He says it’s the best Christmas gift he could receive.

“I’m very thankful for all the help that I got, and especially for the furnace ... when the guys came in and installed it, oh it was just wonderful that we could have heat for the whole winter." 

More than $6,700 was donated to a GoFundMe page launched to provide Larden with a new furnace, before donations were disabled by organizers due to being so far past the target, and local companies stepped up to offer the service.

In addition to Blair Mechanical, Okanagan Heating and Air Conditioning and Refrigerative Supply both contacted Castanet to offer a free furnace for Larden.

The community funds raised through GoFundMe will now go towards heating and utility bills to help Larden with expenses, in a move of extreme generosity that he says has been overwhelming.

“I didn’t expect the amount of response that I got, but I’m sure thankful for it. I want to thank all the people who put any money into that ... It’s just a pleasure that this is happening and I hope we get through the winter OK."

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