A number of KSS students foiled a series of delivery thefts

Students interrupt theft

Several KSS students have apparently put a crimp in a crime spree in the area around Gulley Road in East Kelowna.

According to one of the parents of a student involved, about 10 kids from the high school had driven to the area to hang out over lunch, when they came upon two people in an SUV stealing Amazon delivery packages from homes in the area.

"I guess they freaked out on the kids when they showed up and came at them with pepper spray and pepper sprayed the kids. They were swinging a bat," the parent said.

"The kids tried to stop them from leaving, they were calling the cops. They (suspects) backed up their vehicle and rammed my son's vehicle with him in it. T-Boned it."

He says police have indicated the SUV was stolen, and have been looking for it.

He added police may be sending out other resources such as the police helicopter to search for the SUV and its occupants.

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