'Peloton wife' cast in cheeky gin commercial by Ryan Reynolds

'Peloton wife' at it again

By now you’ve seen the cringey Peloton exercise bike commercial and read all about how it has outraged the people of the internet.

In it, a husband buys his wife (now known widely as “Peloton wife”) an exercise bike, and we see the awkward “116-pound woman’s yearlong fitness journey to becoming a 112-pound woman.”

Ryan Reynolds and his gin company, Aviation, decided to capitalize on the… er… popularity of the commercial, casting the main character in a 40-second spot that was just released.

The actress’s name is Monica Ruiz. She’s seen holding a martini staring blankly into space, accompanied by two friends who seem concerned for her well being.

“This gin is really smooth,” she says, before consuming the entire thing in one go.

The Peloton video is titled "The gift that gives back." Reynolds' cheeky gin commercial is titled "The gift that doesn't give back."

Peloton trivia: “Peloton husband” is played by actor Sean Hunter, the gym teacher at Simon Fraser Elementary school in Vancouver.

If you thought the song in the commercial was familiar, that's because it’s the 1998 hit “She’s So High” by Victoria’s Tal Bachman.

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