Swim with Santa at the Parkinson Recreation Centre on Sunday

Everybody is on the nice list

Sarita Patel

Santa Claus took a short break from building toys in the North Pole on Sunday to pose for underwater photos at the Parkinson Recreation Centre.

"We thought that the traditional photos were not quite what we like because we are an aquatic environment so we thought that the scuba Santa would be really cool," says Dominique Frost, a lifeguard and instructor at the centre.

The centre has been inviting families from Kelowna to come in for a free picture (with a purchase of admission into the pool) for the past seven years.

"A lot of them are excited cause a scuba Santa is really unique and so we love it and all the kids are really excited," says Frost.

Bella and Kaitlyn loved the swimming aspect with Santa and their friends.

Oliver thought it would be fun to swim with Santa especially because he got to bring his friend Andre with him who said: "it's fun and Santa gives him presents."

"Last year my favourite part was decorating the tree underwater," say Bella and Kaitlyn.

When asked if it was strange to see Santa in the water and not at the North Pole, Charlie said yes.

Santa explains, "I heard they needed me here for pictures and I heard everyone was so happy that I was coming, so I just had to come."

With Christmas coming up in two and a half weeks Santa is making his list and checking it twice, but the kids in Kelowna don't have to worry.

"I don't think anybody's on the naughty list, everybody here is on the nice list," says Claus.

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