Treatment sadly lacking

Re: the story 'Dying to get treament'

Finally, some truth and reality regarding the addiction and homeless situation out there. Good on ya, Nicholas Johansen!

This article explains a lot – 293 dedicated positions for all of B.C., 20 dedicated positions for all of Kelowna!

You have got to be kidding me. And we wonder why we have a problem. And, sweet Jesus, at a cost to taxpayers of $73.65 million ... for the care of just 293 individuals.

There must be some pretty extreme administration costs and some very lucrative salaries being paid. 

I realize that far too many people out there actually believe that tax dollars are, somehow, 'free' money that can be used to demonstrate how important they are, but wouldn't it be nice if we taxpayers finally got something for our contribution?

I know it's a difficult thing. My sister and brother-in-law put my nephew through a four-month private program at a cost to them of $30,000, only to have him relapse within two weeks. 

I asked him: "What the hell?" He said that while going through the program, he and his compatriots promised to meet after their "graduation" to celebrate their success. They all got stoned that day (apparently a pretty common occurrence). 

Some eventually died, and it took my nephew more than 10 years of hell to finally clean himself up. So no easy answers. However, we should be getting far, far more for our money

John B. Collinson

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