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Plant-based diets are a fine topic, especially if the plant based diet is 100% non-chemical, non-GMO and all organic – plus a surety to have all the nutrients that our finely tuned bodies need from nature. 

Most of our plant diets are sprayed with all types of chemicals from fungicides, pest controls, and Round-Up, just so the product becomes cheap enough for the producers and sellers to make a good profit. 

These products, our potatoes, corn, wheat, barley and oats, are mostly GMO, and Round-Up or a sister product is the main weed control chemical used. 

If you need to see this for yourself, drive out to the farms, and if you see tractor tracks every 100 metres crossing the crop in season, you can bet your future cancer on the fact that it was sprayed not only once but several times for weeds and or fungi. 

Once a crop or vegetable is sprayed, the chemical is absorbed into the plant for your consumption. 

Fruits and other products are sprayed until the cows come home. 

If you believe what you buy is 100% organic, please check because some bananas are advertised as such, and what do we know – we did not watch them grow, did we? 

Potatoes are an example: just before harvest, the tops are knocked down with a chemical to shrink and dry them so harvesting is easier and quicker. It is also done to produce same-size potatoes because that is what customers demand – perfection. 

Jorgen Hansen, Kelowna

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