Horoscope: Dec. 8-14


Navigate around manipulation or anything that feels unreal.

There seems to be subtle power plays going on. Those who jockey for control may not be entitled to it in the greater scheme of things.

Back-room deals will be found out and explanations required. Don’t be swayed by emotion or sympathy as its time to make a choice. Stay silent until you have the facts to use as leverage.

Practical plans find a level of agreement that is workable for all concerned.

The full moon in Gemini mid week favours taking meetings to social settings to ease tensions.

Try your luck Friday the 13th. Pause. Regroup and do what makes you feel empowered.

ARIES: Suppress your urge to speak out until others have shown you the hand they're playing.

TAURUS: An accurate sense of timing is important to get what you want now or on down the road.

GEMINI: The full moon in your sign puts an added light on what you are saying or doing. Be clear.

CANCER: Covert talks or meetings are like a discovery session. Get everyone to state positions.

LEO: You are a star on the job. Others support you behind the scenes, so take your rightful place.

VIRGO: Dodge those with control issues and you can manoeuvre things in the right direction, etc.

LIBRA: You can pull rank near or far, but it does not have to be dramatic. Use velvet gloves now.

SCORPIO: Intuitive glances send a message that signals you want to get together later. It’s OK.

SAGITTARIUS: Private deals or arrangements turn out to be a win-win for all involved with this.

CAPRICORN: Others look to you for direction, so be willing to step forward and be the leader.

AQUARIUS: A bond grows deeper behind the scenes as you discuss what is important ahead.

PISCES: You are toasted or singled out for praise. Be gracious with those of all ranks or status.


Horoscope: Dec. 1-7


Feeling that time is short can cause some to jump the gun.

Make sure you have enough support before you stick your neck out. Keep key info in reserve as you may need it as leverage down the road.

Sense where others are coming from before you bring things up. Use rules already in place to advantage. Business or work relationships can develop into personal ones; this is OK.

Those on hold move to the next stage after they have “the talk.” There are emotional adjustments to make as the pecking order changes.

Don’t upset the apple cart if there is no advantage to doing so. Most find their comfort level in natural ways. Conflict will ease.

ARIES: You can easily slide into a top or more official position as you do not have worthy challengers.

TAURUS: Those supporting you behind the scenes wish to remain anonymous for the next little while.

GEMINI: Soft peddle your actions so that others are surprised when you step forward or pull rank now.

CANCER: Personal relationships can be used to advantage in work or business matters. Play it cool.

LEO: Use your intuition to show the areas of gain that are achievable over those who are off to the side.

VIRGO: Patience pays off for you in most matters this week. Private talks bring changes with plans.

LIBRA: It will be important to assess what you value now. You need to move forward without pressure.

SCORPIO: Emotions are stirred by special relationships or events. Participate to your comfort level.

SAGITTARIUS: Your generous nature is showcased by your words or deeds that benefit other as well.

CAPRICORN: Casual conversation can lead to a deeper connection or plans for future involvement.

AQUARIUS: Others become more aware of your influence behind the scenes and powerful contacts.

PISCES: You are the star near or far. Take centre stage personally or on behalf of others who need it.

Horoscope: Nov. 24-30


Many feel that time is of the essence as decisions are coming down to the wire. Follow a path that resonates with your inner core beliefs.

If in doubt, check your concerns with a wise adviser you respect. 

Be ready to drive your plans in a certain direction. Do not engage with those who oppose or challenge you.

They are just potholes in the road to your larger distinction. Travel light. The less you say, the less you will have to recover later.

Avoid accidents or dangerous areas. The new moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday adds an air of optimism; seek out positive people.

A meeting of the minds develops into something more. Nice.

ARIES: Be patient with how long it takes for changes to be implemented. Time works for you now.

TAURUS: Take charge independently if others are not up to speed. There is a process to follow.

GEMINI: New or renewed talks lead to a change in personal or business relationships. It’s hopeful.

CANCER: Your intensity can be overwhelming to others as they need time to think before speaking.

LEO: Consider all options personally or on the job. It could require a change if you are willing to.

VIRGO: An unexpected source can provide information that you can use to get the best results.

LIBRA: What you say or do becomes a prototype for others to follow, making things flow easily.

SCORPIO: Speak or lay out plans in a direct and clear manner so those waiting can run with it.

SAGITTARIUS: You can successfully change up the way you present yourself in the new moon.

CAPRICORN: Silence is golden with the level of control you have behind the scenes. Act on it.

AQUARIUS: You can assume a leadership role of sorts even if it is not officially announced yet.

PISCES: You inform or entertain as others look to you for direction. Get them together to chat.


Horoscope: Nov. 17-23


Let certain matters free float while keeping a tight rein on others.

Mercury will be resuming forward motion midweek. Some will feel the pause and shift as it is occurring, so what was going one way will turn and go the other; it’s an emotional tide to some degree.

Make sure your plans do not hinge on this influence; have a back-up plan. Let others know what direction you want to move in, so they can choose if they want to go along for the ride.

The door is open to look farther afield to expand in personal and business.

Follow a path of least resistance for quicker results. There is not always a mountain to climb, so pace yourself. Rest a bit.

ARIES: You can regroup or regain in personal or business relationships. Sit together to discuss terms.

TAURUS: Sit on money or assets until negotiations are complete. You will need hard copy of details.

GEMINI: Associates can become more involved with you on a deeper level in business or personal.

CANCER: Career opportunities see you weighing options that would require a location change now.

LEO: This is a lucky week where you manoeuvre things more to your liking. Just smile and carry on.

VIRGO: Work out the financial details on any matters relating to your home or comfort. This is good.

LIBRA: Your flexibility with making choices comes to a point where a decision will affect the results.

SCORPIO: You pull strings behind the scenes to right the ship or turn things around to advantage.

SAGITTARIUS: Solidify relationships with powerful people or groups who will give you their support.

CAPRICORN: Respond to those who seek your services or input, as they know you can do the job.

AQUARIUS: Connections over distance grow deeper as the understanding between you develops.

PISCES: You will be flattered as well as getting an OK on funding or other support you want now.

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