Ditch switch, stay standard

I very much agree with ditching the time switch.

However, I do not agree with staying on Daylight Saving Time throughout the year. Instead, we should go back to permanent Standard Time.

I feel that morning light is much more important than evening light. Every spring after the switch, I struggle with getting up in the morning and getting to sleep at night. My body clock never seem to adjust to DST. When we switch back to Standard Time in the fall, I finally feel normal again. 

In a recent article on the University of Calgary's website, Dr. Micheal Antle, who studies circadian rhythms, is quoted as saying that a move to permanent Standard Time is better for individual and societal health.

He explains that keeping DST over the winter would not give people enough morning light before heading to school or work, especially in Canada. Having that morning light helps reset our body clock (circadian rhythm) to follow the social clock.

Let's ditch the switch, but keep standard time.

Bobbi Bakx

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