Larger than life, with fun

Drag being overtly sexual?

I'm sorry, but everyone realizes the drag queens who are reading at the library may be over the top, but I highly doubt it has anything to do with sex, and more to do with a larger than life personality.

Which I don't see a problem with.

Letter writer John Anderson is reading more into this than need be.

For starters, they are reading a story to children. Anyone who equates that with sex has an issue. And I'm sure having a story read to you by a person with a larger than life personality has to be pretty fun!

Children are not going to read sex into that. If by chance a child even notices that the person reading to them is dressed as a female but is actually a male (and I highly doubt they would unless they have been told), that child is not going to automatically think "Oh that's wrong!"

No, they are going to realize that this person reading is interesting, and they are going to have fun.

So if you don't want your child to grow up treating people fairly no matter how they look or dress or maybe just how they make a living, then by all means pay attention to what is going on at the places you drop them off at, instead of complaining to the world and showing just how intolerant you are.

Helen Butts

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