It’s the law of nature

Recently, there were some bears destroyed after the conservation service made an informed and qualified assessment that they were a threat to the public.

As is standard after this and similar events, there is the suggestion from some that this action was immoral because we are in the bears' backyard and not the opposite.

I find this assertion both annoying and rather silly. Last time I checked, humans were still at the top of the food chain due to our cognitive abilities. When a tiger finds a new valley and stays there, it is no longer the antelope or rabbit's back yard. It now belongs to the tiger.

There are no right, wrong, or morals involved. It’s the law of nature.

Humans are also a product of and part of nature. In the unlikely event we are not, I suspect the same logic would apply. Humans decide whether the bear lives or dies.

There is nothing wrong with that. Right?

Ralph Perrich, Kelowna

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